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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wings Ready

Last night Leah and I got a lot of work done on the wings. I got a couple 2x4's and made another stand for the root of the wings, so that I could have both wings standing vertically on my workbench.  Then I took the old wingtip fittings from the trailer and screwed them down to the other bench so that the wingtips would be suspended and we could work on the leading edge.

Leah cleaned all the dust off the wings.  Then we got started brushing on the Stewart's Wood Sealer to the plywood leading edges and ribs.  She did the right wing and I worked on the left.  It went on very nicely and we were done in time for supper.

After supper the sealant had dried and we put the wings back in the cradles.  I did some sanding on the wing roots.  I needed to clean up the epoxy job on the new plywood as well as clean up some old paint on the other wing.  With that done i cleaned all the dust up and mixed up some of the Stits Epoxy Varnish.  Stinky!  I brushed two coats on each wing root as well as the new wood in the fuselage.  Checked in on it this morning and it looked great!

Tonight I just had one thing left to get the wings ready for fabric.  Needed to clean up and prime the aileron hinges.  So, I did.  Of course, spent more time taping than spraying. 

Tomorrow and Friday (if there is no rain) I hope to finish up riveting on the trailer and get some wing stands set up.  Friday we'll move the wings over to a friend's basement to do the fabric work this weekend.  Hopefully if we get some time during daylight that is rain free we can assemble the glider for a quick photo.

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