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Monday, March 22, 2010

Is that Nitrous?

Tonight I just a had a few little things to work on.  First Leah and I did a little rearranging so I had a little more room to work on the fuselage.  Then I got to work on some more cockpit related stuff.  First I mounted the Microphone.  Ended up screwing it into the canopy rail up by the instrument panel with mic extending back towards where my head will be.  Then I hooked up the antenna and radio and tuned in a local AWOS so I could test the speaker volume.  I couldn't remember how loud it was and that made a difference on where it was mounted.  Turns out it is plenty loud so I mounted it under the dash up in front of the stick (WELL in front of the stick).  This should work out nicely and be out of the way.

Next Nick and I soldered the microphone wires back into the radio wires.  That went pretty smoothly.  We also cut out about 10 feet of extra wire which will be nice to not have to worry about.  Once we finished that it was time for me to head to the YMCA with Leah.

Quote of the day goes to a neighborhood kid who stopped by while we were working. Leah fielded his questions while Nick and I were working.  Typical what is that? who built it? stuff like that.  Then he spots the oxygen bottle and says "Is that Nitrous???"  classic :)  I told Nick I should get a NOS sticker to put on the glider.  Maybe it'll make me go faster.

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