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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Right Wing

Last night Leah and I got out to the gliderport after work and got to work.  There was just a little glueing left to do on the wing roots and we needed to run tapes along the intersection between the root and fuselage.  Neal, Charles, and the usual cast were out at the gliderport enjoying a nice, but windy, day.  A few people were flying the 2-33.  We also brought the horizontal stabilizer and elevator out so that I could start working on cleaning up the horizontal and covering the elevator.

I got right to work going over the right wing with the iron trying to find any wrinkles or bubbles and get them knocked down before it is too late.  With that complete Leah got started with the primer and I went to put myself in line to fly the 2-33.  I needed to get current as I may have some rides to give this weekend.  I had a little time before they were ready for me so I started working on the wing roots.  I was just starting to put the tape on when it was my turn to fly so I went out and did 3 pattern tows just before sunset.  It was great!  I can't really remember the last time I flew a 2-33 from the front. The tows went well and I made nice landings and pretty soon the glider was put away and I was back to work.  I finished the tapes while Leah finished the bottom of the wing.  The Pate boys all stopped by to check in on progress before they left.

With the fuselage tapes done I got to work with Leah on the top of the wing.  It went very smoothly as we brushed and brushed to our hearts content.  Harry and Sue stopped by on their way home from work to inspect and seemed to approve of what we've done so far.  Had a nice chat while we finished up the brush work.  Then I worked some bubbles out of my new tape and called it a night.

Tonight I'll do a final shrink on the fuselage and go over everything one more time to make sure everything is as smooth as possible and then we'll get to work priming the fuselage!  Hopefully I'll have some time to work on the elevator as well.

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