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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pictures from the Wichita Vintage Rally

A few weeks late but I've finally downloaded pictures that I have from the vintage rally. Of course I didn't actually take any. First up is a bunch from Lee Cowie:

 Leah & I with Kate the Std. Cirrus

YYY being assembled on Friday

Me launching in the NG-1 on Sunday

Hank Claybourn and Neal Pfeiffer with the Starting Line from the 1961 Nationals in Wichita. Hank's dad Marshall helped organize the contest and Neal's Ka-6br "14" in the background was flown in the contest by Fritz Sebek.
John Hardy's Ka-8, being flown by Chad Wille, I believe

Rafael Soldan's Salto

 Jim Short launching in the MG-23

John Wells launching in the Dart 17, it's first flight since the late 1980's

The following are courtesy of Matt Gonitzke:
 Kate on Friday

 Neal Pfeiffer's award winning Ka-2b

 Pete VonTresckow getting ready to take off in YYY

 YYY on tow

 The Dart 17 on tow

 NG-1 Landing

Glider yard sale. I see at least Steve Leonard's ASW-12, Neal's Ka-2b & Ka-6br, the WSA Ka-6cr, and Rafael's Salto

Finally, local ultralight pilot and fly-in traveler Brian Fitzgerald was at the rally on Saturday and got many pictures of the goings on. Here is the blog post he made about the day, Vintage Rally coverage starts about 2/3 down the page: