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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fuselage ready

Beautiful weather in Wichita today, temps were over 65 in the garage after work today!  I got to work on the fuselage first, brushing Stewart's Wood Sealer on everything that I've sanded.  So now all of the longerons, stringers, and plywood covering is sealed up and ready to be covered.  I also hit some of the cockpit area with Stits Epoxy Varnish.  I covered the area where I cut out the shelf as well as a coat on the spars and around the canopy rails where it was pretty obvious the old finish was wearing down. I also reattached the rudder return springs and the pitot tube/fresh air vent.  So now I'm ready to put fabric on the fuselage whenever weather allows.  Tomorrow is supposed to be warm but im not sure it will be warm enough for long enough and its supposed to be COLD on Saturday.  I want to make sure the glue has a chance to cure, so maybe next week.

Tomorrow is supposed to be warm again so I think I'll work on some cockpit stuff.  Need to put the seat in along with figuring out a mount for the O2 bottle and get the battery holder back in.  Then maybe i should actually sit in the glider and see what I need to do about a seat back.  Could always work on mounting the radio speaker and mic too.  They used to be on the shelf.

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