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Monday, March 15, 2010

Cherokee Updates

I got an email from Dennis Barton the other day concerning his work on N10124. He has finished installing a TE probe and is almost done with the Sport Canopy.  N10124 was the first RM model, built by Terry Miller and the Ree brothers.  The Ree's also built my glider and later built a Tern and Pioneer II.

N1073 is in Ames, IA now, rescued from its fate as part of the garbage heap in Essex, MD.  Matt Michael drove 2200 miles last week to get it to his house. Sometime in the next month or two when we both have some free time we'll get it to Wichita and I can see what kind of condition it is in.  Matt did report that all of the glue joints in the fuselage are bad and will need replaced.

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