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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Great work weekend

First - big thanks to Leah, Neal, and Nick for helping so much this weekend.  Friday night leah and i worked from 9-1:30.  Yesterday I put in something like 15 hrs, and today was 10.5 hrs.  Well over 50 man hours into the project this weekend and I wouldn't have gotten very far if it wasn't for my friends.

A little repetition here but I'll add some pictures.

Friday night Leah and I worked on the left side of the fuselage.  Had some major frustration that I fixed on Saturday morning.  It was kind of a rough start to the weekend actually and at 1:30 AM we threw in the towel.  Here is Leah putting glue on the fuselage:

Saturday morning after breakfast I worked on the left side nose some more and got the massive wrinkles out.  It was a close one and still not perfect as I didn't have a lot more shrink left in the fabric to get a tight surface.  But we carried on the right side of the fuselage.  It went MUCH more smoothly than the left side.  Neal was hanging around along with a bunch of guys at the gliderport.  Several showed up to assemble the club Grob, a few people were out flying in the strong Kansas wind, and others were working on their own aircraft.  All told 15 or so people probably stopped by to check out our progress.  Here is the fuselage with the left side covered:

Pretty soon we had the right side on and Nick had showed up to help which was great.  We started to work on the last major piece, the top.  It went on really easy, no compound curves like the nose!  By midnight everything was glued and I had done a little bit of tape work on the nose, so we called it a night. 

Today the goal was to finish the fuselage and start priming the wings.  Leah and I decided to divide and conquer so she started working on priming the rudder and ailerons and I hit the fuselage.  I needed to make some reinforcements around the nose area where most damage happens on out landings.  Also I ran a tape down the skid and along the belly to the tail, and along the upper longerons.

Nick got to work on the wing roots and did a GREAT job getting the fabric to lay nicely in the curve between the fuselage and wing.  By 8 PM he had the tops and bottoms covered and looking very very nice!

Harry and Sue stopped by and inspected our work although when I offered harry an iron he didnt take it :)  Nice to see them though.

Leah did a good job getting the control surfaces primed and about 6:30 we started on the wings.  Neal had helped me with an iron and went over the top of the left wing looking for any wrinkles.  We decided it was good enough and started brushing.  By 8 the cross coat was finished so we flipped the wing.  I gave it a good looking over with the iron and then we got started.  Clean, Rinse, and then went crazy with the brushes.  Right around 9 PM we were finished and called it a weekend.

Tomorrow Leah will work on brushing the other wing while I finish iron the fuselage and get it ready for prime.  I'll also hope to do some work on covering the elevator (finally!).  Then Tuesday I hope to start priming the fuselage and finish the elevator.  Maybe by thursday and friday we can do the spray coats of primer and then next monday topcoat!

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