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Saturday, March 20, 2010

We're Famous!

Today in the EAA Hotline, there was this tidbit:

NAFI member Tony Condon of Wichita, KS is actively restoring a 1964 Cherokee II sailplane. This past weekend, he and his wife and a couple of friends covered the wings. But Tony doesn't get the "POTW" nod just for making good progress and involving his family and friends in the project (though we love to hear that) ... Tony also shot a great time-lapse video of the process that he shared on our forum. Seeing it at high-speed like this almost ... ALMOST makes it look easy, and it's sure to be an inspiration to anyone facing a covering job. See it here.


I did a little work in the garage this afternoon, mostly concocting a location and method for mounting the oxygen bottle.  I also bolted in the seat bottom and actually sat in the glider.  Without the shelf and without a seat back it was actually really comfortable!  I'll have clearance under my leg for the bottle and it will stay clear of any possible stick movement.  I got a 1" square aluminum tube at Lowe's to make the mount.  The O2 bottle clamp will bolt through the square tube and through the floor of the glider.  I also got a 1" wide 1/16" thick strap of aluminum for a backup under the nuts.  This should be good enough to hold the bottle in place.  But i found out that the old jigsaw that I have is...old, and the motor made funny smells and it really didnt have enough power to cut. And I didn't want to make a 3rd trip to Lowe's in one night plus it was getting about time to go to a movie with Leah. We saw Alice in Wonderland which was quite entertaining.

Wichita is under a Winter Storm Warning tonight and tomorrow.  Fun.  Supposed to be cold and windy so I will work on covering the elevator tomorrow.  Hopefully back to the O2 Bottle on Sunday!

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