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Friday, March 12, 2010

Trailer ready

Last night Leah, Harry, and I finished up the last bits of aluminum covering on the trailer.  It was a bit cold with occasionaly snow flurries but we finished drilling holes, clecoing, unclecoing, cleaning, caulking, clecoing, riveting, unclecoing, and more riveting.  Now it should be nicely sealed up and ready to store the glider. 

Tonight we will haul the wings out to Harry's and work on mounting the wings to an engine stand at the root and a pivot at the tip.  Then the whole works comes back into town to a friends basement for fabric. Jesse is coming down tonight to help out and we plan to spend all weekend working on fabric on the wings. Cleaning, glueing, shrinking, more glueing.  Should be fun! 

Matt is headed back to Iowa with N1073.  He reports that the glue joints in the fuselage are in bad shape.  Not sure what kind of glue it was.  Wings seemed OK but hard to tell since they are covered. I'm hoping to get the glider to Wichita soon and have a good look at it.

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