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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oxygen Bottle in!

I didn't get a lot done this weekend but made a little progress.  Friday night it snowed and Saturday was pretty cold.  Leah and I went to a Monster Truck rally and then took a nap.  As a result we didn't make any progress on anything.

Today though it was warmer so I got out to the garage in the afternoon.  I had bought some 1" square aluminum tube and 1" strap for the oxygen bottle mounts.  So I spent a little time measuring, cutting, sanding, drilling, fitting, trimming, and bolting.  I also had to trim the seat bottom so that I can remove the clamps.  In the end everything is bolted down and fits.  I took special careto make sure that everything clears the stick and control cables.  It's all good.  I also dug up the old brackets used to locate the battery along with the velcro to hold it down so I re-installed the battery too.  It's looking good!

Supposed to warm up over the next few days so maybe we'll be glueing fabric on the fuselage soon. 

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