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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mid weekend update

Friday night Leah and I got a late start and worked really late and ended with the left side of the fuselage tacked in place but some massive wrinkle issues in the nose.  This morning with a little sleep I was able to take care of the wrinkle problems and we finished glueing the left side on.  Then to work on the right side which, with a little experience, went a lot smoother.  Nick came over, and he and Leah put the top on while I worked on some inspection holes and tape on the nose.  So the glider is basically covered at this point but we still need to shrink the top, finish taping the skid and belly, reinforcing the lower nose area, burning in drain holes, and cover the wing roots.  So tomorrow I'll get started doing that and Leah will start EkoFilling the control surfaces and maybe the wings!

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