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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Up Late

Last night I left work a litte early and got to work prepping the fuselage.  First was the final shrink at 300ish degrees and I must say that it shrunk up very nicely. With that done I went over the edges and tapes and stuff with the little iron and worked as many wrinkles and bubbles out as possible.  There were a few that gave me a little trouble but other than that it looks pretty good.  I guess practice really does make perfect, I keep getting better and better at getting decent results.

With everything ironed i cleaned and rinsed the fabric and started brushing EkoFill on the fuselage.  Things were moving along but its a slow process and then Nick showed up!  That was great as I did a little prep work on the elevator while he brushed ekofill and then i started to work with my own brush on the fuselage.  We worked away for a while making good progress and then Leah showed up!  All right! Now the three of us were making handy work of the fuselage and I was encouraged that we actually would finish it that night.  Nick eventually had to leave and there was just a bit left on the fuselage so I let Leah finish and I brushed wood sealant on the elevator.  Soon the fuselage was done and the sealant dry so we cut a piece of fabric and started brushing glue on the elevator.

Covering the elevator actually went really well. I was able to wrap it in one continuous piece of fabric and was happy with my cutting and ironing abilities in making it look decent.

Tonight we'll have to shrink the elevator, clean, rinse, and prime it. Also I believe everything will need a light sanding before spraying primer.  Otherwise we'll be cleaning and taping and getting ready for spraying primer tomorrow.

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  1. Way to go man. Pretty amazing how quickly you are getting this done. I bet she will look great when all is said and done. :) Bruno