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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sand Sand Sand

We're making good progress on turning the wings into sawdust.  Both wings leading edges and ribs are sanded.  Tonight we finished up the left wing.  Also sanded the paint and fabric off the balsa wingtip as well as the airbrake.  Then switched it back out for the right wing and cleaned up a few other places along with the area around the new plywood pieces.  They look pretty decent.  I will need to do some filler work to get the profile just right and looking really great but what the heck.  I've got a few other places on the right wing that need filler.  Hopefully we can start working on that tomorrow after work.

I also need to start removing the plywood covering the wing root tomorrow.  that should be exciting.  I took a brief look at the fuselage tonight and came up with a prelim idea on how to mount the oxygen bottle.  .that will require some more attention. later. 

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