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Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Update

Well I got articles submitted for RC Soaring Digest and Bungee Cord early on Saturday morning.  RC  Soaring Digest is available at  To get Bungee Cord you need to join the Vintage Sailplane Association.  This can be done very easily at

I did work on 373Y's wing Saturday.  The filler was cured and ready for sanding by mid day so I sanded it down very carefully as to not distrub the surrounding fabric and paint.  Once I got it smoothed down I used some MEK around the hole to clean up the surrounding paint so that I had something to glue a patch to.  The patch ended up being a circular piece of fabric about the size of a half dollar.  I glued it in place and let that dry.  Later in the day I brushed a few cross coats of EkoFill on the patch.  So now it is ready for paint. I meant to do that last night but didn't get around to it.  Then it will be time to start working on the trailer.

I did work on a more space efficient way of storing N1073.  One wing is now mounted to the wall of my garage and I started working on the other one. It will be nice to have some room to work!

In other news, Dave Smith has started working on building a 1/3 scale Cherokee II.  Dave built a 1/4 scale Cherokee a few years back and his plans were developed into the Tom Martin 1/4 scale kit that is sold through Aerosente.  Dave is going to be blogging the build of the 1/3 scale Cherokee at I'll try to occasionally post updates here too.

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