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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pictures and Patch

Here are a few more pictures of N373Y in Falls City, NE.  Taken shortly after landing.

Tonight I got to work on N4653T's left wing.  It suffered a bit of hangar rash and had a small hole out towards the tip on the top opf the wing.  Here's a really out of focus picture of the damage.

The wing was originally covered with nitrate and butyrate dope so I hit it with some MEK and cleaned the area down to the fabric. Here is an out of focus picture of the cleaned up wing:

I hit the area with the stewarts cleaner and rinsed with distilled water.  Let that dry and then busted out the EkoBond glue.  I cut a little piece of fabric out to cover the area and glued it in place.  It looks good and here is an out of focus picture of the patch glued in place.

I did take one picture that was in focus.  Here is what my garage looks like right now. Not a lot of room to work.  On the right is N1073, "Stinky", and then there is Leah's wing on the benches.

Tomorrow i'll brush some EkoFill primer over the patch and call it good probably.  Then we'll switch out this wing for the Left wing of 373Y for some filler work.  Hopefully by the middle of next week both gliders will be ready to fly and we can start working on my trailer.

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  1. Hi

    My name is Julian Hudson and I am a programmer in the process of designing a small electric car.

    I am wanting to use wood for most of the construction and I am seeking insperation from vintage wooden gliders such as the cherokee.

    I notice in this picture that you have plans of the glider on the wall, do you have a digital version of these?

    Your photos have been very useful in giving me ideas for the structure/joints etc so if you have any others that I could see I would greatly appreciate it.

    Kindest Regards