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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Updates in Cherokee Land

I've got a Maas 24 rowing shell to get seaworthy, hopefully by this weekend, so no updates on 53T except that the epoxying job from the other night turned out looking nice.  I received the electrical goodies for 373Y yesterday so I can look forward to getting some progress made on her too.

There has been quite a bit of activity from the scale model guys on their 1/4 scale Cherokee's.  Creeve should be flying his 1/4 scale Cherokee any day now and Dave Smith and Nigel will wait for the Yakima Aerotow event to fly.  Here is a picture of Dave's bird.  He just got the Cherokee noseart decal added.  This is modeled after the nose art on 871Z and 8722E.  Looks sharp!

I got an email from Ken Caldwell in Australia a few weeks ago.  He had VH-GLU out a few times over the summer down under.  He managed to put 10 hours on the bird between rallies at Leeton and the big vintage rally in Bordertown.  Ken also made contact with Ron Wingate who was an early member of the Renmark Gliding Club and had a lot of info and pictures of the construction and history of Cherokees GLU and GLV.  Ken sent me the letters and pictures, I'll have to work on getting the info posted here.  Here is a picture I found online of GLV at the 1967 Australian Nationals:

And here is one of GLU at the rally at the 2011 Bordertown rally.

There are a few other pictures of GLU along with more vintage gliders in the album at

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