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Monday, April 4, 2011

short update

time for an update.  We had to be out of our apartment by thursday night so we didn't have much time this last week to get any work done on 53T.  I did manage to get the heat working in the garage on friday night, just in time for 80 and 90 degree weather.  We spent all day Saturday and a little Sunday morning trimming trees at the house and weren't ready to be productive again until late afternoon Sunday.  I did get the rest of the water damaged wood removed from the lower part of the vertical stab and mapped out most of the scarf joints that I will need.  This should be fun, longerons will be scarfed up into the gusset below the horizontal.  Hopefully I won't have to remove much or any of that gusset but time will tell.  The forward vertical spar is going to be a challenge to work on from an access standpoint since it is inside the fuselage truss.  the scarf on the aft vertical spar will be long enough that i'll have to re-drill the holes for the rudder hinge but that should be manageable.

Ordered wood and fabric from Aircraft Spruce last night.  Tonight I hope to remove some more plywood from the bottom to accommodate the longeron scarfs and maybe start cutting the scarf joints for the glider side of things.  Also need to get good measurements on the wing damage and clean up the other wing.

Pictures hopefully tonight.

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