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Monday, April 18, 2011

more glueing

 tonight I did some yard work after going for a row with Leah.  So we got started in the garage late. Leah did some organizing to make room for 373Y while I worked on drawing out the parts that will make up the tailwheel spring attachment.  I'm copying what Dean Gradwell used on 72DG which is a stack that goes something like this:

.063" 4130 sheet
1/2" Spruce
1/4" Steel tailwheel bracket

With 2 1/4" bolts going through and a locking nutplate on the 4130 sheet.

I did get the pieces cut to finish the stringer work but by the time I was finished with that it was getting late so I'll have to get those scarfed in later in the week.  Everything is coming together nicely on this tail section.  A few more days of progress and it'll be done!

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