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Sunday, April 17, 2011


This morning I removed the clamps from the plywood and epoxied the longerons in place.  It went very easy with no major issues.  Spent the rest of the day watching the NASCAR race and raking the yard.  Then took off the clamps and the longerons looked great.  A little bit of time with the saw and I have the area more or less trimmed up to what it will eventually be.  Removed the excess spar and web as well as the extra longeron.  The last thing I did tonight was cut the glider side scarfs for the stringer stuff.  Tomorrow I'll cut the spruce for those and try to get them glued in place.

I managed to get a wheel/drum brake combo from a friend in our club that should work so I'll have to work out the mounting and a way to activate the brake. 

We have discussed and basically decided to replace all the control cables while we have everything opened up.  I noticed the Yard Store has galvanized aircraft cable for sale so I need to figure out how much we need and borrow Harry's nicopress tool and go wild with that.

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