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Monday, May 2, 2011

373Y Instrument Panel

No real progress on 53T over the weekend although I did finish up that Maas 24 rowing shell.  Last night I started doing a little work on the new electrical system for 3Y.  Mainly last night I removed the old stuff.  Tonight I started working on the new stuff which includes a new instrument panel. Decided to see if i could use a piece of the birch plywood for the panel and it seems to do OK.  So far just have the winter vario and Oudie in place.  Tomorrow I've got to get a bunch of progress done, altimeter and airspeed will go on either side of the Winter and then the radio and audio vario will go below them, on either side of the oudie.  area towards the edges will be reserved for master switch, circuit breakers, and voltmeter.

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