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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Progress on Rudder

I started sanding on the rudder tonight. I sanded down the leftovers from the old Balsa cap and also sanded down the leftover glue on one side of the rudder. Will have to work down the other side tomorrow night. I also cut a new piece of 3/8" Balsa to glue on top of the rudder.

Hopefully the first round of chemicals from Stewart will be here tomorrow. I need to finish removing the fabric from the fuselage and start working on prepping that wood and doing some work. I want to build up a cover for the main wheel, do some work on the instrument panel, and maybe make some mods to give me more legroom. I'm looking into removing the shelf that is currently in front of the wing spar and allowing the seat back to go all the way back to the spar. This would allow me a lot more space and every inch of room is precious in the Cherokee. I've seen many Cherokee's that do not have the shelf in front of the spar, including Dean Gradwell's N72DG.

I've made a few updates to the Roll Call post. I keep updating that one as I find more info.


  1. If you remove the shelf whare will you keep that all important landout kit????

  2. behind the seat where I have always kept the landout kit. I never really put anything on the "shelf" because it wasnt very big and whatever was there was going to hit the back of my head in the event of sudden deceleration.