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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Balsa

Tonight I took the rudder out to Harry's and we glued on the new piece of Balsa. It was pretty easy, worked it with some sandpaper and scraper to get the rest of the finish of the wood. Used the West Epoxy system. Right now it is clamped down curing. tomorrow I'll go out and pick it up and start shaping the Balsa.

Forgot my camera so you will have to wait for pictures. Today I took the N Numbers in to get framed. I had been careful to cut them out. I think they will look great hanging on the wall.

Going flying right now so I doubt I'll get time to take more fabric off the fuselage. Maybe tomorrow...


  1. cool! and you are going flying at 8:09 PM?? power right..:)


  2. Yes, I've been doing a fair amount of power flying at night lately...