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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Building a workbench or two

Today I saw plans for the famous EAA Chapter 1000 workbench. So simple and sized right. Right at the moment the garage does not have electricity so building a workbench in the garage wouldn't work. But I do have electricity in my apartment and since the finished bench is only 2 feet wide and 5 feet long it will fit out my front door. So after work I went to Lowe's and for about 100 bucks bought enough lumber to make 2 benches. Did some measuring and cutting before my lesson tonight. Now its too late to be running a circular saw in an apartment complex.

Here is the link to the EAA Chapter 1000 Workbench:

This is what Leah saw when she got home tonight. Incredibly she hasn't even mentioned the pile of sawdust AND she helped me carry up the 3/4" X 4' X 8' piece of plywood. That sucker is heavy!

Leah and I are headed out tomorrow for our honeymoon so this is what I'll be looking at next friday when we get home. It really shouldn't take more than a few more hours to get a couple of good workbenches down in the garage. On that note, probably won't have any updates for a week!

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