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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Short Marfa Report

Just an abbreviated report, I'll try to expand these into more detailed flight reports when I get home.

Sunday: spent most of the day rigging and doing some last minute maintenance and clean up. the glider was covered in dust.  Also had some cockpit organization, instrument plumbing, and other stuff to do. Didn't launch till nearly 4:30 but flew for an hour and topped 10,000 feet.  For reference, Marfa Airport is at 4850.

Monday:  still a few things to do in the morning but I got the first launch into cloudy gray solid overcast skies. Figured I'd be up for a sled ride but oh well.  Turns out there was convergence in the area and I released at 1200 AGL into one of the strongest "thermals" of my life.  6-8 knots up.  I ventured out as far as 12 miles and climbed to 12,200 feet.  The highest my Cherokee has ever flown.

Tuesday:  Launched about third, just after 1:30.  Good local flight, worked upwind 10 miles a few times and generally just wandered around.  Joined up with chris and matt in the blanik for some air to air photos. also gaggled with burt and adam.  good times.  had a couple low enough saves and managed to land at 6 hours on the button.  longest duration flight for both me and the glider.

yes we are taking pictures and they will probably be posted after we get home.  having a blast down here and the Cherokee is getting a lot of nice comments from the other pilots and visitors. 

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