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Friday, April 2, 2010

1st Cross Coat complete

I didn't make it out to the shop until shortly after 6 last night and then got to work cleaning up the booth and getting ready to spray.  I was really careful to be methodical and not forget everything. Frankly I was a little nervous about starting to spray as I really really really didn't want to screw it up.

I waited for Leah to come out with supper and then got started.  Overall spraying the first cross coat of primer went fairly well.  I did have a few runs when i first started but once I figured out the proper flow setting on the gun as well as how fast to move the gun and how far away it should be from the part it went pretty smoothly. I started with the rudder and then moved to the fuselage, then wings, and finally elevator and horizontal.  Also Leah cleaned the residue off the inpection covers and wing root fairings and i sprayed those too.  All told it took about 2 - 2.5 hrs to do the cross coat on everything.  Should be quicker next time now that I know what i'm doing.

Original plan was to do 2 more cross coats tonight but I think I'm going to push that back.  We've got family coming into town tonight for easter weekend plus a cold front has come through and the high for today is only 68.  So I think that tonight after work I will sand this cross coat and then on Sunday afternoon and evening we will spray the next two cross coats.  This leaves me on track to spray top coat monday/tuesday.

Yesterday my SPOT tracker showed up!  I'm excited to use it this season and will be sure to post my "shared" page so you can follow along on my flights.  Also, I got my EXPERIMENTAL sticker.  Hopefully the red sticker matches my red paint. Otherwise, I'll have to do some stenciling for that I guess.  My N number stencils should arrive today.  And, exciting news, I called the local IA and the condition inspection is scheduled for Monday April 12!  Hopefully we can make that deadline.

I'll get a bunch of pictures from this week posted up sometime this weekend.  We have been taking pictures but seem to never get home before midnight. 

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