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Friday, April 9, 2010

Paint finished and PICTURES!

Tonight Chris and I got the stripes and N numbers painted!  So now I am done painting 373Y.  We also put the seals on the aileron, rudder ,and elevator. I bolted the elevator onto the horizontal.  We installed the seatbelts and antenna, pitot line is plumbed into the pitot tube, and also ran the wiring from the battery to the instrument panel.

For some reason I can't find the machine screws for the instrument panel and the wood screws for the data plate and holder for the airworthiness cert.  I'll need to dig around on monday and find them.  I think I'm still in good shape to do the condition inspection on Monday.  I also picked up scales so maybe monday night I can weigh the glider.

And I'm staying up late tonight in order to post some pictures!  Been a while I know so here we go.  Last I posted a picture we were in the middle of first coat of primer.  Here is a shot of everything with the charcoal EkoFill:

And here is the fuselage and one wing painted.  Leah is sanding the primer on the other wing.  This was the night that we finished the base coat on everything.  I guess that was only a few days ago...

Here is the fuselage painted:

and a shot of the turtle deck. I liked this one.

 The wings covered:

And the N number templates in place last night

I didn't have my camera with me tonight while we were painting. Did get some pictures on my phone but i couldn't figure out how to get them off my phone.  Will have to get some shots on monday.  good chance i could fly the glider on tuesday.  we've got some work to do on the trailer to get it ready next week as well...

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