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Monday, April 12, 2010

Condition Inspection complete!

Well Nick and I did a little work on 373Y this afternoon.  I got some little brass wood screws at Lowe's and put the data plate and airworthiness cert holder back on the spar plus the placard with airspeed limitations.  then we teed the static line off and got the instrument panel installed.  I realized I really should get another tee and plumb the vario into the static line as well. oops.  previously I had a homemade TE probe so I forgot about the static line. oh well.

So with all that done I went to put the canopy on and realized I had put the hinges on backwards. front was back and back was front.  doh!  So I had to switch those and then the canopy worked a lot better.  Mike showed up and started the condition inspection.  Nick and I assembled the glider and I got the scales out to weigh it.  We got everything leveled up, using the canopy rails as a reference.  Weight on the main wheel was 330 lbs and 30 lbs on the tail.  I was thrilled!  The glider lost something like 30-35 lbs.  Must be a combination of removing the seat back and shelf plus using slightly lighter weigh fabric and the lightness of Stewart Systems coupled with a fairly thin topcoat that I applied.  Not to mention that the old fabric had an extra coat of paint on it of Stit's rejuvinator and topcoat.

Here's a crummy picture of the glider assembled. Enjoy!

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  1. How about a pic of the panel? Did you get all your goodies figured out for good placement?

    Ligher is better! Good work keeping it light during the finishing and painting process.