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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wing Work

Warm weather today.  When I got down to the garage at 6 PM it was 48 F!  I finished up cleaning up the area around the bad wood on the lower leading edge.  It is looking pretty nice and should be ready for new plywood soon.  With the bottom of the wing open i had a good view of the inside of the top wing skin and it didn't really look that good.  really dark, some areas more black.  Plus I could see epoxy on the wood.  On the inside!  Well my mystery was solved.  I had found the area that previously had epoxy injected into the wood.  This is the spot that Dave Schuur found was soft when he was working on the glider 5 or 6 years ago.  So i decided I better remove the top skin at the leading edge too.  I made pretty quick work of it with the chisel and knife and now I have 2 pieces of plywood to replace.

After that I sanded the lower leading edge.  Then Adam called so I didn't get much more work done, but it was getting cold by then anyway.  Back to the garage tomorrow, supposed to be warm again.  I took this picture of the inside of the wing, just thought it was pretty.  This is looking at the inside of the top wing skin.

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