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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Horizontal Stabilizer

The Horizontal/Elevator has been decorating my bedroom for the past few months.  With all the other control surfaces covered it is time to start on it. Elevator detached from the Horizontal quite easily.  The fabric peeled off the elevator with no problems.  The wood looks really nice underneath!  Leah got started sanding the frame while I took a closer look at the Horizontal.


The Horizontal Stab on my glider is covered in a formed piece of fiberglass, like on my Vertical Stab.  I found after removing the elevator that this fiberglass had started to lift off of the rear spar on the Horizontal in a few places.  Couldn't be having that so I mixed up a small batch of epoxy and got to work.  I found a great use for the piles of old Soaring magazines that I recently got, using them to help apply pressure to the new glued areas.  A couple of 2x4 bits and some 3 ring binders helped put the pressure in the right place.  I have always known this but it goes without saying that you can never have enough clamps!  

Let's see you do that with an online archive! Just kidding, I really really like the online archive of Soaring Magazine.  That's all for now!

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