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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Setting Goals

Ive got several shipments of goodies arriving today and tomorrow.  Mostly from Aircraft Spruce and Stewart Systems.  Picking up more fabric (just in case), epoxy varnish, wood filler, some inspection rings, another gallon of fabric filler, 2 gallons of daytona white paint, a quart of pontiac red for trim, and another gallon of glue just in case we need it.  I think that should pretty much set me as far as what I need to finish the job. The only thing else that I might need to order is a variety of odd AN nuts and bolts.  I need to do a good inventory first and see what I need compared to what I have.

So I've got a large term goal and that is to put everything in the trailer and take it to Marfa TX to fly on April 17.  Big goal and even I'm not sure if it's going to happen.  But in order for that to happen a bunch of things have to happen first.  Working backwards seems to work best for me when planning these things.  Of course the glider needs to get repairs finished and covered in fabric and painted.  Also, I'm pretty sure the annual condition inspection will need to be done as it expires on March 31, but that will have to wait until after the glider is covered and ready to fly.  I need to find an A&P and coordinate to make that happen.  Should be no problem.  Getting control surfaces covered will be no problem as they fit in my apartment easily and I can do the work on cold days.  I need to settle on an instrument panel layout and may delay getting the transponder good and installed until later this season.  I will need Oxygen for flying at Marfa and I ordered an Aerox 9 cubic foot bottle yesterday but I'll have to work up a mounting system.  Since I cut out the shelf in my cockpit I'll need to come up with a new solution for a seat back and also while i'm working on it need to put a couple of fabric pockets in the cockpit so I have a place to stow maps and stuff.

Any spare time I have to work on cockpit comfort items will be worth it.  I particularly want to come up with some sort of foam support for my legs, a kind of cradle.  Will be a bit of a trick though to work that around the control cables but I think it can be done.  Also I think I'm going to send in the loaner Cambridge 25 Flight Recorder to get calibrated.  Needs to be done anyway as I have high hopes for setting some state records this season. 

I need to get an antenna for the truck, and get it tuned up and ready for the trip.  Spare tire for the trailer.  Trailer still has a few more places where it needs more rivets and Harry is working on a few pieces of bent aluminum to put over the front of the trailer to seal it up.  Those will need riveted on too.  I just rememberd that I've got a little bit more work to do on the wing attachments in the trailer.

In The Sunship Games George Moffat said "You need help, and it's endless..."  Then he saws off the wingtips on his Cirrus.  I know how he feels. 

Stay's going to be a busy month.  General outline is:

Starting now - Work like Mad
March 13th weekend - cover fuselage and wings
After March 13th but before April 17th - Paint glider and finish everything else.

I sure hope it warms up soon...

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