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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Before and After

Well after inspecting Dean's glider at the SSA Convention I decided to bite the bullet and cut out the shelf in my Cherokee.  Night before last Leah and I started cutting the wood.  Tonight I did a little more finishing work to clean it up.  I have the right side cleaned up very nicely but still a little work to do on the left.  I'll have to work on that tomorrow.

I'm working on building a balsa base for the transponder and am hoping to epoxy that all together tonight.  I'm getting to the point where about the only thing that I have left to do on the fuselage is some epoxying and new varnish on areas where there is new wood or we have sanded.  So I'm thinking that I should start on the wings here pretty soon. It's not going to be warm enough to epoxy or varnish for at least another week but I can brave the cold to tear off fabric.

So here is what my cockpit used to look like:

And here is what it looks like at the moment:


I spent a little more time tonight cutting balsa and mixed up some epoxy to glue it in the base of the transponder box. Then I'll sand it to shape so that the transponder lines up pretty nice with the instrument panel. tomorrow.

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