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Friday, August 5, 2011

Prep for Llano

While I haven't flown 373Y since Dalhart I have made my best attempt to start prepping for the Region 10 contest in Llano.  The contest runs from the 16th-20th.  In the meantime the main thing to do to the glider is to apply contest numbers!  I have decided to use "YYY" for 3Y.  Leah's 4653T will be "TTT".  We already have a "3T" in our club.  Tonight I will get stencils ordered so hopefully i can shoot paint next week.  That is, assuming I can find a bit of time with cool enough air to shoot paint.

Other work also includes touch up painting all over the glider.  There is a lot of scratch and dent sort of damage to the glider. trailer rash i suppose you could call it. Basically proof that it has actually been flown since I finished recovering it.  I have made several small patches in various locations that are currently just gray with Eko Fill that need some paint.  Tonight I will do a few more small fabric patches and work on building up the wingtip skids.  I also need to replace the tailwheel as it took a beating on the concrete at Dalhart. Finally I need to make sure there is enough thickness in the skid left to handle a week worth of operating off concrete.

Of course the trailer could use some more rivets but all in all it is as ready as it is going to be.  I'm looking forward to the week of flying with friends.  The weather in this part of the country has been fantastic for soaring this year and hopefully it will stay that way for the next two weeks.

In Cherokee news, Gary Flandro has finished his work on 8722E!  It looks great!  Gary says once the weather is agreeable it will fly. I can't wait to hear the report.  He also intends to bring it to the VSA Rally in Wichita where there should be at least 3 Cherokee's on display and hopefully all three flying, if 53T is ready.

Here is a great picture of 22E. Enjoy!

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