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Friday, August 12, 2011

Hit the Road

Well I'm on track to leave tomorrow morning.  Last night I stayed up late and did some final work on the glider.  I removed the skid as it was getting worn down from too much operating on concrete.  Jerry stopped by and is going to weld some more strap to it.  While I was down there I found a couple very small cuts in the fabric from the last off airport landing in Dalhart.  Drat! so out came the MEK, Ekobond, and fabric.  Didn't take too long to get it patched up, I'll brush a little EkoFill on it tonight and we'll be good to go.

Next I fabricated a small shelf that will stick out from the left canopy rail in front of the instrument panel.  This will hold a rental PowerFLARM unit that I'm planning on getting for the contest. It should arrive from Uvalde on Sunday I think. I'm looking forward to flying with this and at least a few others at the contest will also be equipped.

I did a little more Super-Fil work on the wingtip skids and then got to work on the big task for the night, painting contest numbers.

Any good paint job is 99% prep and 1% painting and this was no different.  I spend most of the time getting other things in the garage covered up. I had already done all the masking and papering around the lettering that I needed to do.  Then i read the directions on the paint 20 times and got to work.  I still ended up thinning it too much!  I was supposed to thin to 20-22 seconds but mine was more like 15.  i added more paint and hardener but it had no effect at all.  I was really surprised as I actually put less water in than called out on the directions.  Finally I decided that I would just go with what I had and be very careful to avoid runs.

Everything went very smoothly and worked just the way it was supposed to. I was relieved.  I haven't painted anything since we finished covering 3Y and was pretty nervous about screwing something up.  By 11 PM or so though all the paint was on and I just had to wait for it to cure. 

This morning I peeled off the tape and stencils and the end result was pretty good.  Not razor sharp lines but i'm happy with the job.

Tonight I pack everything up for an early departure on Saturday.  Next report will be from Llano!

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