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Monday, November 29, 2010

Fabric off 53T's Fuselage

Tonight Leah and I spent a little time in the garage (a balmy 44 deg F inside) and got pretty much all the fabric off the fuselage.  All in all it looks to be in good shape.  There is one stand off between the truss and the lower stringer that needs reglued to the truss.  Also there are a few stringers that suffered a little damage when we got a little to carried away tearing off fabric.  Should be no problem repairing that.  The only other thing I noticed is that the epoxy filler that was originally used to fillet the intersection between the wing and fuselage managed to turn to a pretty weak powder over the years.  Pulling the fabric off managed to pull up some of that so I see a little Super Fil in our future.

Oh one other thing, I managed to bust off the tailwheel spring and the support and backing block.  It appeared that there was no drain hole back there in the tail and based on the look of things it had gotten some water in there.  So we'll have to rebuild that and come up with a new tailwheel setup.  I didn't really like the other one anyway.


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