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Monday, November 22, 2010

4653T in the garage

Leah and I got a lot of work done this weekend. On Saturday we started with 2 11" wide and ~20 ft long planks of cedar and by 10 PM we had 1300 feet of 1/4" thick 1" wide cedar strips with nice bead and cove edges.  Sunday we spent a few hours cleaning out the garage and generally making some more room.  Leah's whitewater canoe was lifted up to the rafters and we unloaded a few loads of garbage.  I built a simple shelf along one wall for the cedar and then we moved 4653T inside.  We also removed the gliders rudder so that the door will shut!  Then it was back out to Harry's with the trailer to get the cedar.  Hopefully tonight we can at least make a few cuts on the glider and get a look inside before the Thanksgiving holiday.

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