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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Leah flies N4653T

We've had 4653T for over a year now and really haven't done much flying with it.  I have done a few high tows in it and Luke did his one flight in it but other than that it has been doing a lot of sitting and waiting.  It has mainly been waiting for Leah to get her private certificate since the insurance company required a private pilot to fly the glider.  Well on Saturday she passed her test so yesterday we got out of work early and headed to the Wichita Gliderport.  Long story short Leah got one good flight in before sunset and landed with a smile!  I'll try to get her to write up a report of the flight soon.

Now that she has flown it, 53T will go back in the trailer tonight and sometime this week we will probably start cutting fabric off it for its recover this winter.

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