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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wingtip Cradles

Leah and I went out to the shop tonight and installed the wingtip cradles. I had built these late last summer but never got around to putting them in place. Since we're going to be skinning the trailer this weekend they needed to be installed. I picked up a set of drill bits and some 1/4" nuts and bolts. Everything went well. I need to make some sort of sheet metal strap to go over the wing and act as an aileron lock. But, another key step is finished for the trailer party this weekend. Pete, who has much better German skills than me, says that our trailer summit should really be called Akasegelflugzeuganhänger. a few more syllables but I think we can deal with it.

I've made a few more updates to the Cherokee II Roll Call post. Looking through some of the old Soaring Magazine Archives I found some classified ads that I could ID to certain gliders. Interesting stuff.

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