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Monday, January 18, 2010

Trailer Summit this weekend

Not a lot of progress on my fuselage this week. I did get out to harry's and re-cut the piece of plywood for the frame replacement. I may try to get that piece fit tonight. Then the wood will be more or less ready to epoxy into place, just need a warm place to do the work. Still don't have electricity, grrr.....

Currently, my trailer still looks something like this:

which really isn't satisfactory protection from the weather. I've had a bunch of aluminum sitting at Harry's house since last summer just waiting to be put in place. So this weekend a group of us will be having a riveting party. I've got 1500 pop rivets to pick up tonight. Need to buy a couple hundred cleco's and a few more cleco pliers. I've got a heated shop for the weekend to do the work in. Should be a great time. Bob K has Akafleig's, perhaps I can have an Akawohnwagen??

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