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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I had a little free time after work today so I used my newly sharpened chisels and cleaned up the cuts I had made last week. I got the area where the frame piece was removed completely cleaned up. a little sanding and it will be ready for new wood. Now I just need to re-cut the frame piece because I cut it too short to begin with. sigh. oh well that's why i bought more wood than I thought I needed.

It looks like I'm going to try to spend the weekend of the 23rd with a few friends riveting the aluminum to my trailer. That will be a relief to have it enclosed, finally.

I received a report that Ken Caldwell is flying his Cherokee this week at the Australian Vintage Rally. Hopefully he will send me some pictures when they are done and I can pass them along. He did say that it has been HOT there with several days above 100 which killed the flying spirit.

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