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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Static Lines

Last night Herb, our CAF Wing Leader, came out to see the glider. Afterward I spent a little time working on the glider. First I cleaned up the new support that we glued in, from the frame to the lower longeron. It had a little overlap on the top that I took care of. Then I decided to put in the static line. First I took a look at the actual static ports and found them both to be plugged with *something*. I suppose that explains why they haven't been working for the last few years. A little time with a scissors and some zip ties and the line was in place up to the cockpit. It looks nice and new!

I need to get up to Moundridge one of these days and get some varnish for the new wood pieces. Leah and I are excited to head for the SSA Convention on Thursday night. We'll be spending the weekend in Little Rock hanging with all of our great glider friends and meeting new ones. I'll be working the SSF Booth when I'm not otherwise busy. Dean Gradwell should have gotten there today with N72DG in tow. Nice to know that a beautiful Cherokee II will be on display. In other Cherokee II news I got ahold of Eric in EAA Chapter 1111 out in Washington who has a Cherokee Fuselage and wing on display in his hangar. Quite an interesting story behind it and hopefully once I get pictures I'll make a post about it.

Hoping to get to work on Transponder mounting tonight. We'll see...

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