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Monday, June 27, 2011

Dalhart Report

Finally something to report from Dalhart!

Saturday I took two sled rides.  The lift was all to the south and southwest of the field about 15-20 miles and even that started late in the day.  Everyone else, except Doug, fell out too so I didn't feel to bad. Doug made a make or break run for the clouds, connected, and had a really good flight

Sunday was a blow out.

Today a cold front passed overnight and we were optimistic.  However I don't think it warmed up as much as it was supposed to and the soaring as a result was a struggle.  I took two flights of about an hour each, maxed out at 7200 and 7400 feet (ground is 4000 here) respectively.  There was a brisk wind out of the northeast and it was a struggle to stay upwind of the airport let alone make progress into the wind.  I didn't feel too bad though because no one else had any real success making progress either.

Besides the Cherokee there is an LS-4, ASW-19B, Discus CS, Ventus, and two Grob 102's here.  One of the 102's belongs to the Soaring Society of Boulder.  The Boulder club also sent their Pawnee towplane down here which is really nice.

Hopefully tomorrow it will heat back up around 100 or better and we will get some good thermals.  In the meantime my SPOT will be on if you want to follow along.

Here are my flights from today:

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