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Monday, August 9, 2010

Updates in the Cherokee World

There has been a lot of Cherokee II related stuff going on lately.  I've made a few small updates to the Roll Call including a new picture of the Leonard Annebula, N25001, as well as some info on N46840, which just popped up for sale on Barnstormers.  Turns out that 46840 is a motorglider! I had only known about the Flaglor Cheorkee motorglider which featured two engines mounted on either side of the fuselage.  46840 has a 30 HP KFM motor mounted above the fuselage, a la Monerai.

In more Cherokee II for sale news there is a Cherokee currently listed on Craigslist in Dahlonega, GA.  Here is the ad:  I know just a little about this glider but have been in contact with the seller.  Let me know if you'd like to know more.  I'd like to see this glider go to a good home with potential to eventually fly again.

In other news, I've started working with Aerosente on Cherokee II related things.  I'll be starting to blog over there as well.  Aerosente is run by Mike Smock and specializes in distributing scale model Remote Control sailplanes, including a 1/4 scale kit of the Cherokee II!  So I'll be putting up pictures and stories and any other info I think might be useful over there to help support builders of the scale models.  Mike is also hoping to eventually branch out to 1/3 and maybe even 1/2 scale kits which I think will be really cool!

On the full scale side of things I'm going to try to get a condition inspection completed on N4653T this week and do some more flights in it.  373Y is still waiting patiently in her trailer for our next opportunity to fly. The last two weekends of August are the next chance I'll have and I hope to take it to Ulysses again for Labor Day weekend.  Then I'll be prepping it for showing off at the VSA rally in Wichita on September 25 weekend.  There are a few dings and scrapes that I'd like to touch up.  I'm also going to try to start hooking up the electric brakes on the trailer this week.

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