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Thursday, August 12, 2010

N4653T Flying

Luke, Rafael, and I assembled 4653T today after work.  I took the first launch in it, trying a few fewer cushions last time to give me a little better comfort.  It was better but I still have to cram in to fit.  I took a 2500' tow and piad close attention to control forces required and the general handling qualities so I could give Luke a good description of what to expect.

My approach was a bit on the high side and it took a nice big slip to get down in a reasonable distance.  Luke got a few pictures of my approach:

Next was Luke's turn.  He just passed his Commercial Glider checkride a few weeks ago and has mainly flown the 2-33.  He only had a slight PIO on initial takeoff which smoothed out immediately as he towed to 4000 feet.  I'm going to try to get him to write up a report of his impressions during the flight and will post it here when I get it.  He learned from my approach and made a nice approach and landing.  Here are some shots:

I think I should call that the "Cherokee Grin".  Luke seemed to have a really good time and I was glad to get him up in a single seater before he headed back to his final semester at school.

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