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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fleet update and weekend plans

Some exciting news in the Cherokee world in the last few weeks, at least to me!  First there was a Cherokee listed for sale on craigslist a few weeks ago in Dahlonega, GA.  Turns out this was N8722E.  Here are some pictures from the ad for it. 

N8722E has quite a history including being involved in 2 accidents in the late 60's/early 70's.  In fact I didn't even know the glider was still out there as the last NTSB report showed it as destroyed.  However it was rebuilt in the 80's and passed around a bit.  Now it is owned by Gary Flandro and he is working on giving it a good inspection and going over before he gets it back in the air.  It'll be great to see another Cherokee II flying!  I"ll be sure to update 8722E's entry on the roll call post.

N1073, aka Stinky, has been living in my garage for the last 6 months or so.  This glider was rescued from a hangar in Maryland.  It needs a bit of work as the glue joints for the stringers on the fuselage all need redone.  As a result pretty much all of the glue joints in the glider deserve attention.  I have visited with a few people about this project but it isn't a project for the faint of heart, plus distance is an issue.  Good news though, one of the newer pilots in my club is going to take it on.  Matt is an A&P mechanic and has become quite a fanatic soaring pilot this summer, flying the clubs Ka-6CR often and finishing up his Silver Badge just last weekend.  I'm going to be taking 1073 up to Matt's place on Monday.  Hopefully I'll have some regular updates on it to post here.

N10124 is still under restoration in Dennis Barton's shop.  It is getting closer and closer to flying!  This is the Cherokee RM that was built by the Ree Brothers (and Terry Miller) after they finished building N373Y.  Dennis sent me these pictures of 10124 a few weeks ago. Looking good! Perhaps 373Y and 10124 can be reunited at IVSM 2012 on the Hill.

I've been steadily making updates to the Cherokee Roll Call posting as I search through the SSA's online archive for tidbits of information.  A few pictures have been added as well as tidbits of info including ownership changes and badge claims.  Aerosente readers: Once I have the info updated I will do a mass post on the Aerosente blog.

In local news, N4653T is still assembled at the Wichita Gliderport and will likely remain that way for the near future.  It will be flying for the Vintage Sailplane Association rally over the September 25th weekend.  If you are interested in attending let me know and I'll get you in contact with the organizers.  It should prove to be a fun event.  Last year we had a good lineup of vintage and classic gliders in attendance.

N373Y is quietly waiting in its trailer for our next adventure.  For Labor Day weekend Leah and I will be taking it out to Ulysses, KS again for a long weekend of good soaring.  Summer, new glider pilot and recently checked out in the Ka6, will probably be attending with us too.  I'm hopeful for strong fall soaring weather and the possibility to make a Gold altitude climb and perhaps an assault at Diamond Goal or Distance. Or Both!  No matter, we'll be spending the week getting ready for the trip.  I finally got a brake controller so I will have to spend some time wiring that into the truck and trailer.  Otherwise its mainly a matter of getting orgainzed, loading turnpoints into the GPS, and making sure I don't forget anything. 

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