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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I managed to make some decent progress today. I posted this on RAS today but check these out. It is winter in the Northern Hemisphere which for me means its time to start flying in Flight Club! There are two versions. #1 is a 100 km downwind dash:

My personal best on this one is 97 time units I think.

And here is version 2, which is a Triangle flight and quite a bit of fun I think. Today I finished it in about 202 time units.

Today on the RC Groups forum, I noticed a piece of Stan Hall related info posted. This is a little info on the Hall Ibex, not the Cherokee II, but interesting non the less. Check it out:

OK on to Cherokee II stuff...

Today I started out taping around the rudder hinge brackets and hitting them with a wire brush to clean off any loose paint or dirt. That killed enough time for me to run out to Harry's and pick up some supplies for gluing the Balsa to the vertical stabilizer. He loaned me a couple handy 3 way C clamps for clamping down the piece and some goodies for mixing up a batch of West System epoxy.

Back home, I mixed up the epoxy and set the balsa piece in place. Hopefully it turns out OK. By that I mean hopefully the clamps aren't glued to the vertical stabilizer. That would not help the L/D :)

Finally I finished sanding the longerons. Only took a few minutes but now they are all smooth! Once the Rudder hinge brackets dried I brought the rudder back up to the apartment. Its supposed to get cold the next few days, so I've started watching my Stewart Systems DVDs and hope to start finishing the Rudder this week. By the way my stuff from Stewarts is here now.

I need to make an order with Aircraft Spruce and get ahold of Wag Aero about refurbing my seat belts. Going to buy an iron at the hobby shop, and who knows how much other stuff. I should have majority stock in Lowe's by the time this project is finished.

And once again I've made a few more updates to the Roll Call post. Al Clark sent me some pictures of N3034, which is an RM model on display at the Southwest Soaring Museum in Moriarty, NM. Turns out they are pictures I took at the SSA Convention in 2008! So they are up now.


Here is the new piece of balsa clamped onto the vertical. A few other pieces of balsa as spacers in there:

Here is the rudder all taped up and ready for paint on the hinge brackets

And here is the rudder with fresh paint on the rudder hinges. Looking good!

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