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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Balsa Dust

I was hoping to start prepping the rudder tonight. I needed to get a viscosity cup so that I could properly thin the Stewart Systems wood sealer but got started too late and Ace was closed. Lowe's does not carry them :(

So I decided I had to do SOMETHING tonight so I went out to the garage even though it was 20 degrees out. I took the clamps off of the new balsa and removed the other balsa pieces that I used as spacers. Only the balsa cap was stuck to the glider! The clamps and spacers all broke free with no problems so I got out the utility knife and 60 grit sandpaper and shaped the cap to the profile of the vertical stabilizer. Then used a little finer grit to smooth it out and round the corners. It looks really nice but I didn't have my camera so no pictures.

So I'll start on the rudder this weekend. Tomorrow Leah and I are going to KC for supper. I ordered some EkoClean from Stewarts today and my order from Aircraft Spruce from yesterday shipped. Ordered some plywood and spruce from them and a few other miscellaneous things. Of course after I ordered I thought of a bunch more things I should've gotten.

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