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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

13.5 Meter Super Regionals Practice Day 2

The weather forecast this morning wasn't too optimistic with our weatherman Daniel predicting major thunderstorm development and the National Weather Service pretty much backing that up. We had a lot of rain overnight too so I was generally feeling not so wild about flying. It seemed to me that it would be a weak day of running away from storms, likely landing out, and generally wearing out Leah, Amy, and I before the contest started. So YYY stayed in its trailer and I just hung out at the clubhouse all day.  There were about 6 or so that did fly, including an Apis, a few PW-5's and several 1-26's. It was hard to stick for the first few who launched and not many people ventured out. CD Jim did put together a TAT and Cathy Williams in 1-26 #96 did fly it. Unfortunately she landed out although I think that the 96 Team of Cathy and Mel have gotten that out of their system. Mel landed out yesterday, preferring to land elsewhere than come back to TSA in the middle of a rainstorm. Others mainly flew locally, I heard cloudbase was around 3500 although it seemed to lift later in the day. Jim Lamb in his Silent 2 was the last to land and we enjoyed a yummy chicken dinner and the safety meeting.

Leah and Amy took advantage of my voluntary no-fly day by making a shopping trip to Dallas.  I did get some wiring fixed on the trailer so all the lights are working again. We'll be up early to rig and be ready for the contest day tomorrow. 

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