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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Right Wing

Made good progress today on the right wing and the entire leading edge is now ironed down smooth. Next for it will be to paint on EkoFill.  I also put a bead of silicone sealant around the airbrake as I did on the left wing so that it will be nicely sealed.  Once that cures I'll have to trim it to size.  I also pulled the first layups off the Aileron bellcrank fairing molds.  I used way to light of fabric as I am a rookie at this fiberglass stuff but the pieces i got are good for a test fit and seeing how well this will work.  I am pleased and next will use some heavier fabric and maybe two layers thick.  Hopefully that will provide the stiffness that I want and also give me some material to sand away so I can get a nice tight fit.

Matt has been over a lot recently working on his new-to-him Standard Austria. It's a sweet glider and I can't wait for him to get it flying.  It mostly needs the tail feathers covered and painted and some paint work done on the right wing (which you can see in the picture). 

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