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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cherokee project for sale and update

The Wings of History museum in California is selling their Cherokee II, N1861, on ebay. 
Check it out here:

No progress on TTT lately but I have finished the aileron gap seals and leading edge smoothing on YYY.  Everything is painted with filler at the moment. At some point it will get painted.  I have also continued to work on the fit of the aileron bellcrank fairings and thought about how they will be installed.  I might try to make a drag rake to test if they actually help.  I also should make a set for the bottom of the wing too. 

A Microair transponder should be arriving soon so perhaps this weekend I will start working on installing it and also try to make some progress on sealing up the wheel well and the wing roots on the fuselage.  The good news though is that the glider is currently flyable so if good weather presents itself I can go fly!

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