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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

YYY in the Garage

YYY's fuselage has been in the garage for about a week although I haven't really done anything to it.  Leah and I moved in the left wing tonight.  I measured the aileron gaps for future sealing and started taking some MEK to the leading edge in an attempt to fix the leading edge bubbles that have been driving me crazy since we recovered it.  I got about 4 feet of the leading edge de-painted before it was time to fly the nightly race on Condor.  Spring work planned for YYY includes better aileron seals, fixing the leading edges, and doing some sealing work on the fuselage, particularly around the canopy which has some massive gaps and I was thinking about making a cover over the wheel since it is just a big hole in the belly.  Odds are all of this will make no difference in the gliders performance but I guess it will make me feel better.  I'm hoping to do some glide test flights this spring and maybe some oil flow tests.

The wood for TTT's right wing shipped out today so hopefully it will be here for the weekend.  We're looking at a long term forecast with a lot of rain here in Wichita so perhaps that will allow some opportunities to get a lot of work done in the garage.

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